Our Values

  • First of all comes the human – as guest, as member of staff, as deliveryman or   
  • Our aim is a certain future for our members of staff and for the company. We want to reach this through steady but cautious growth.
  • Our future lies in our members of staff. Therefore we expect commitment and thinking in a business-like manner from them.
  • Problems will be solved in a considerate and friendly way. Agreements with staff and business partners is humane and fair at all times.
  • We accomplish the given tasks with responsibility and during a short period of time.
  • We secure our lead and future through innovative and high quality service as if to say: pointing the way for the service, above average in performance.
  • Our performance is at a constant high level. Every member of staff is an
    essential part of our quality-management system.
  • We never forget our respect to environment and to nature.